Emotion Code

What is the Emotion Code?

It is an energy healing technique that assists in identifying and releasing trapped emotions that are stored in the body.  These trapped emotions result from past events and their presence in the body can cause physical discomfort, depression and anxiety, they can block love and happiness and may result in a feeling of disconnection.  Releasing these trapped emotions shifts the conditions in the body, allowing it to be in a better place to heal both physically and emotionally.


Initial Consult 45 minutes – $50; Subsequent sessions 30 minutes – $35

What are People saying about the Emotion Code with Carin?

I have completed three Emotion Code sessions with Carin, and experienced dramatic and immediate benefits each time. In one instance, I was looking for relief of severe occasional abdominal pain, and I have not had the pain since my treatment at least six months ago. I also asked Carin to focus on my left hip, which had a strain or unexplained tightness leading to pain and throbbing. I was treating it with several techniques (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic), but it wasn’t until after seeing Carin that I experienced a dramatic improvement in my range of motion and pain relief. The last time I saw Carin we worked on something more subtle – resistance and friction I had experienced in the past in working with a particular person. After the treatment I taught a program with this person and both of us had a great experience together that was full of ease and co-collaboration, with none of the friction that had existed previously. I don’t know how it works, but I highly recommend the Emotion Code! Suzie Newcome, Founder and Co-Owner Namaspa Yoga


I heard about the Emotion Code sessions through a friend and was intrigued at the prospect of healing myself internally and emotionally. I did not realize how much hurt, anger and sadness I was holding onto and with a firm grasp. After only one session I molted layers and layers of pain from my heart and head almost immediately. It’s hard to exactly articulate how overcome I was with what Carin was saying during the session as it was completely true and I had never met her before, but here she was pointing out direct moments in my life that I had been holding onto with sadness and hurt and anger.

I did notice that over the course of a few weeks I continued transforming and shifting towards a more positive and light minded sense of self. My second session was just as productive and again over the course of a few weeks I noticed transformation and shifting in a direction I did not think was possible. Currently I feel more confident, I am truly able to let more negative moments go instead of carrying them around like a grudge and I have so much more love and patience for myself than I ever have in my life. I highly highly highly recommend this process to everyone I know! It is life changing.

Chelsea Woodmansee

New Workshops

Yoga Nidra with Cynthia and Carin will be held at LifeLoveYoga in Sisters this month! You can sign up at www.lifeloveyoga.com for Monday, January 25th at 4:30 pm.

What People are saying about Carin:

“I came to Carin because my stomach hurt and instead my life has been transformed. This program has been beyond all my expectations”. Molly, Bend, OR

“I came to Carin hoping to improve my digestion and gain clarity on my intentions in life. What I left with was a better understanding of myself and an amazing toolbox of ways to improve my life.” K.V. Bend, OR