How it Works

You most likely have tried a number of different ways to move out of the sense of overwhelm you are experiencing, and you may have felt occasional relief, but are still experiencing that sense of being out of control.  The reason you may not have gotten lasting results is that the “usual” ways of handling overwhelm focus on just one aspect of who you are.  In order for lasting change to happen, there is a need to look at all of you – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

My approach to working with women in moving from overwhelm into a place of relief, is dependent on following a few key principles:

1:  Understanding your true nature – You have a natural way of “being” in this world.  In order to feel truly healthy, it is helpful to understand how you have moved away from that natural state – your true nature.  Understanding what your true nature is, having a desire to reunite with that natural state, and setting an intention to change your habits and patterns to support that shift is what will help you feel like yourself again.

2:  Alignment with internal wisdom – We all have the voice inside of us.  It is the voice that tells us things like “don’t eat that piece of chocolate cake at 2:00 am”.  Sometimes we listen. Sometimes we don’t. What is necessary for our health is to learn how to hear that voice, to make an intentional choice to listen and to be aware of the fact that when we do listen, we feel better.

3:  Empowerment – When we understand and apply the first two principles a really beautiful thing happens.  We feel empowered to make change in our lives that contributes to us feeling better, being healthier and being able to enjoy life.  That empowerment gives us the opportunity to take control, and that simple fact can shift the deepest sense of overwhelm to a place of “I got this!”

4:  Sustainability – Continuing to feel in control and the ability to carry that sense of relief around with us like a good friend, depends on being to sustain the changes that you make and the awareness that you develop.  Nothing ever stays the same, but riding a tiny wave of change is much easier than hanging on in a tidal wave.  When you make this process sustainable over time, you learn to easily adapt to the external things you can’t control, by turning within and guiding yourself from there.

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New Workshops

Yoga Nidra with Cynthia and Carin will be held at LifeLoveYoga in Sisters this month! You can sign up at for Monday, January 25th at 4:30 pm.

What People are saying about Carin:

“I came to Carin because my stomach hurt and instead my life has been transformed. This program has been beyond all my expectations”. Molly, Bend, OR

“I came to Carin hoping to improve my digestion and gain clarity on my intentions in life. What I left with was a better understanding of myself and an amazing toolbox of ways to improve my life.” K.V. Bend, OR