Is This You?

Do you want to let go of that out of control feeling and just get a break?

How do you know if I can help?

I’ve worked with people in many different situations. See if any of these scenarios resonate with you.

You are someone who likes a challenge but lately you have been feeling like you are being challenged in every area of your life.  You can’t even get a handle on one area before a challenge presents itself in another area.

You don’t mind change, in fact, you may even welcome it. However, right now nothing seems to be staying the same and you feel ungrounded and off balance.

You feel most comfortable with structure and schedule, but you are now in the midst of what feels like chaos and unpredictability in your home or work, or most likely both at the same time!  You can do this for a short time, but you know you can’t sustain this way and you want to find some form of relief.

You are looking to grow in your business or at work, but in order to do so there are hours and hours of time and energy that are required.  You have been putting the rest of your life on the back burner so you can expend your energy toward business needs, but the responsibilities of the rest of your life are starting to loom big and you aren’t sure how you are going to handle it all.

You spend so much of your life giving to others, whether at home with your family, or within your chosen job.  You are starting to feel drained and depleted and as if it is never ending.  You are struggling to find a bit of peace.

You have a pretty good handle on what you need to do to keep yourself balanced emotionally, but occasionally you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and like you could use some guidance to help you find some relief.

You feel like you are doing all the “right” things to keep your body healthy, but you still don’t feel well.  You are tired, lack energy and are emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed.

Do you see yourself in one or two of these?  If you do, I would love to work with you.

I have previously helped:

Moms – new or seasoned

Women who work

Women who are balancing work and family

Women who are dealing with digestive disorders

Women who are dealing with chronic pain


The values that are held by the women who have found relief with me so far include:

They want to be able to make changes in their life for themselves

They want a healthy lifestyle

They want to live with a sense of peace and happiness

They want to live a life that is sustainable and manageable

They are willing to make the changes that are necessary to bring themselves into a place of relief


Does this sound like you?  If so, and you would like to learn more, you may begin by downloading our free 10 Minute Journey to Deep Relaxation audio by signing up for our Newsletter on the right.


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New Workshops

Yoga Nidra with Cynthia and Carin will be held at LifeLoveYoga in Sisters this month! You can sign up at for Monday, January 25th at 4:30 pm.

What People are saying about Carin:

“I came to Carin because my stomach hurt and instead my life has been transformed. This program has been beyond all my expectations”. Molly, Bend, OR

“I came to Carin hoping to improve my digestion and gain clarity on my intentions in life. What I left with was a better understanding of myself and an amazing toolbox of ways to improve my life.” K.V. Bend, OR