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Why am I giving this audio recording away for free?  Because there are times when we (yes, me too!) need to be able to step away from what is going on in our lives, take a breath and remember how to connect our feet back onto the earth.  To literally ground so that we can feel like “I’ve got this”.  Once we do, then we have the ability to move forward with more clarity.

This recording is just one way of feeling that re-connection.  I’ve worked with so many women in so many ways to help them get out of overwhelm and to find relief.  Here’s what one of them has to say about the work we did together:

My overall health and passion for life has improved by 90% within the last 6 months of working with Carin.  Prior to Carin, the last 5 years had been filled with chronic intestinal distress, inflammation, sleep apnea, and anxiety/depression. No western medical doctor or practice had ever given me the support and tools I needed to guide my healing journey and alleviate chronic pain. Carin is a true healer and will be there to support you and your body in healing itself. Her Ayurvedic program has allowed me to thrive!”  Abby, Bend, OR.


10 minute Journey to Deep Relaxation

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New Workshops

Yoga Nidra with Cynthia and Carin will be held at LifeLoveYoga in Sisters this month! You can sign up at for Monday, January 25th at 4:30 pm.

What People are saying about Carin:

“I came to Carin because my stomach hurt and instead my life has been transformed. This program has been beyond all my expectations”. Molly, Bend, OR

“I came to Carin hoping to improve my digestion and gain clarity on my intentions in life. What I left with was a better understanding of myself and an amazing toolbox of ways to improve my life.” K.V. Bend, OR