What people are saying about Carin:

“The Bliss Treatment is a glimpse of what Heaven would be like.  If I had to describe it in just a few words it would be ‘like being held’”. Kelly G., Bend, OR.

“My husband and I have incorporated monthly massages into our wellness plan. Keith as an athlete, me a type-A stress case, look forward to our monthly body work with Carin. It always seems to come at the right time, even though we schedule them months in advance. We both appreciate Carin’s timeliness, professionalism and mostly her knowledge! She is, with a doubt, not just a masseuse, but a healer and for that we are so grateful to have found her”.  Cyndi and Keith, Bend, OR.

“What I love most about Carin is her warmth and humor. She also has a keen ability to help get to the heart and root of what’s going on with my body. Her knowledge moves well beyond the physical and working with her has healed me on many levels and layers. Her Bliss Therapy Treatment is other -worldly and brings obvious peace to my mind and spirit, and radiant light to my eyes. I can not recommend Carin Cundey enough! She is a jem of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.”  Kat Seltzer, ERYT – wife, mother, yoga teacher

“Carin Cundey is one of the most amazing women I have the pleasure of knowing and working with.  There is a reason “Care” is in Carin’s name. She truly cares about her clients on a very deep and compassionate level. When I first met her I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was recently divorced, recently moved to a new city, going through bankruptcy, had a very ill and special needs dog, started a new job and was in a new relationship. My anxiety level was beyond description. I was so tired. My sleep was crazy. The feeling of hopelessness seemed to be a constant, however unwelcome, companion. She listened to me, took the time that was needed to find out about me and my needs and put together a comprehensive plan to assist me in getting what I truly desired which was to feel better and ultimately to find joy in my life again. Her training in Ayurveda was instrumental to my healing. I started to feel better immediately. I was very interested in Yoga and she recommended the type of Yoga that would be the most beneficial for my natural tendencies. The diet that she recommended changed my life and my ability to eat what made me feel wonderful!! The Bliss treatments helped me to make more rapid and permanent changes in my way of perceiving my life and the world around me. Carin has a strong dedication to gaining knowledge which is hugely beneficial to her clients. Her knowledge in so many areas was invaluable to me and my healing. I am deeply and profoundly grateful to this amazing woman.”  T.M., Bend, OR

“After being involved in a car accident I sought massage therapy from Carin at Dharma Tola.  Thanks to her knowledge, focus and specialized care treatment, my body responded and recovered quickly.  Carin is a healer and her compassion and devotion to health and well being is a true gift.” Kristin, Bend, OR

When I came to see Carin I was a mess physically and emotionally. I had recently lost my precious 37 year old daughter to a brain aneurism. I wasn’t sleeping, my diet was hit and miss nutritious.  Not only did Carin’ s diet counseling put me on a track to better eating habits through an ayurvada way of eating, but her Bliss treatments brought me to a place of rest and relaxation that began to heal my body and my broken heart. I am so grateful to have her in my life.”  Tully Ellsberg, Namaspa Yoga Teacher

“Carin is sensitive, intuitive and very grounded in her approach. She has the ability to tune into what I need and offer her services with patience and complete respect for our session together. She is a truly wonderful healer and light shines through her with ease and grace.”  Aleta Adams, RN & Co-Director The Yoga Lab

“My overall health and passion for life has improved by 90% within the last 6 months of working with Carin.  Prior to Carin, the last 5 years had been filled with chronic intestinal distress, inflammation, sleep apnea, and anxiety/depression. No western medical doctor or practice had ever given me the support and tools I needed to guide my healing journey and alleviate chronic pain. Carin is a true healer and will be there to support you and your body in healing itself. Her Ayruvedic program has allowed me to thrive!”  Abby, Bend, OR.

“I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and nourished from head to toe after my shirodhara and abhyanga session with Carin. If I lived anywhere near Bend I would schedule a session weekly. I’ve consulted Carin several times over the years regarding my astrological chart and found her guidance intuitive and helpful. She’s incredibly compassionate. Rather than ‘predict my future,’ she’s given me tools to create the life I want.” Rhia, Houston, TX

“I looked forward to the regularly scheduled meeting each week during my 6-month program.  It was always an adventure learning more and more about myself each time.  Carin’s methodical, accessible, and perceptive coaching abilities guided me in obtaining clarity as I trekked through my emotional jungle.  Small steps lead to bigger steps with occasional strides to test boundaries.  At times, I arrived at new places surprised and clearly she had led me there knowing my destination in advance. The practical exercises were extraordinarily effective and they produced a kind of “practical magic” in my life.  Thank you Carin, your mentoring has helped me navigate inward and forward and for this I am truly grateful.”  Catherine, Houston, TX

“I came to Carin because my stomach hurt and instead my life has been transformed.  This program has been beyond all my expectations”.  Molly, Bend, OR

“I came to Carin hoping to improve my digestion and gain clarity on my intentions in life.  What I left with was a better understanding of myself and an amazing toolbox of ways to improve my life.”  K.V. Bend, OR

“There have been huge shifts for me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I now have many tools to use as I need them when challenges come up for me. I have lost 10 lbs and am more aware when eating and cravings for unhealthy food have lessened dramatically. I feel more connected to the universe.  I have made huge shifts in all areas.  My relationships with everyone have improved dramatically, my digestion is better and my anxiety is 75% less than it was when I began working with Carin”.  L.H. Bend, OR

“My Mother says that I am so much nicer to her and so much calmer since I began working with Carin. My boyfriend asked me when I was done with the program if I wanted to keep going because it was such a good experience for me.”  A.J. Bend, OR

“In this program I have made paramount shifts.  I am more grounded and stable.  I don’t have a monkey mind anymore.  Now that everything is good I can ask, what else do I want?  I am more conscious and awake.  It was a wonderful 6 months and I feel blessed to have worked with Carin.”  Stephen, Houston, TX

“Carin has been both my yogi and massage therapist.  She is amazing at both.  She taught me the wonders of yoga for which I am grateful.  Every other week Carin brings me back to life with a therapeutic and deep muscle massage along with a soothing steam treatment.  With multiple issues from surgeries Carin rejuvenates my tired body and helps me to further regenerate.  Her healing touch is amazing and I leave each session with renewed vigor and a new outlook.  Carin has deep knowledge and truly understands what will work.” Doug, Bend, OR

New Workshops

Yoga Nidra with Cynthia and Carin will be held at LifeLoveYoga in Sisters this month! You can sign up at www.lifeloveyoga.com for Monday, January 25th at 4:30 pm.

What People are saying about Carin:

“I came to Carin because my stomach hurt and instead my life has been transformed. This program has been beyond all my expectations”. Molly, Bend, OR

“I came to Carin hoping to improve my digestion and gain clarity on my intentions in life. What I left with was a better understanding of myself and an amazing toolbox of ways to improve my life.” K.V. Bend, OR